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  • A common medical consumable, which is aseptically processed to establish a channel between vein and drug solution for intravenous infusion
  • Made from Non-toxic Medical Grade PVC Compound
  • Suitable for Gravity Infusion
  • Clear, transparent, flexible chamber with filter
  • Soft & kink resistant medical grade PVC Tube

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Disposable Infusion Set, the same as Disposable I.V. Set, is the product with disposable use of venous transfusion, hypodermic injection in clinic. It consists of Vented spike, Dripping Chamber, Medicine Filter, Flow Regulator, Latex Tube, Lue Lock/Slip Connector, Infusion Tube, Y-injection port, Connector, Mould Chamber and so on.

Working principle: Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the liquid in the bottle flows into the drip bucket along the thinner infusion hose. When the pressure of the drip bucket water column is greater than the venous pressure, the liquid in the bottle flows into the vein along the hose.

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