Transparent Test Tubes


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  • Model Number: 15*100mm
  • Classification: Test tube
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 12 x 13 x 15
  • Weight (kg): 0.52
  • Main Material: Synthetic
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Test tubes, instruments commonly used in chemical laboratories, are used as reaction vessels for small amounts of reagents, and are used at room temperature or during heating (should be preheated before heating, otherwise the test tube will easily burst). The test tube is divided into ordinary test tube, test tube with branch, centrifugal test tube and so on.

The specifications of ordinary test tubes are expressed as outer diameter (mm) ? length (mm), such as 15 ? 150, 18 ? 180, 20 ? 3328, etc. A beaker is a common laboratory glassware made of glass, plastic, or heat-resistant glass. The beaker is cylindrical in shape and has a notch on one side of the top for easy pouring of liquids.

Beakers are widely used for heating, dissolving, mixing, boiling, melting, evaporative concentration, dilution and precipitation clarification of chemical reagents. A still is a device that separates substances by distillation.

In ancient China, distiller was generally used for alchemy, making shochu, steaming toilet water, etc. Different uses of stills have different shapes and origins. It is used as laboratory equipment to promote condensation. It acts as condensation or reflux.

It is often composed of two glass tubes, one inside and one outside. The smaller glass tube runs through the larger glass tube.

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Transparent Test Tubes


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